Tank Takeover

UI Developer/Bug fixes


This was a group project where we had 7 weeks to complete the building of the game.
Using Unity we built an arcade game where each player controls a number of tanks (one at the time) on this single screen arcade game.
Players need to shoot tanks of a different color, by shooting other tanks the player expands the thanks they can use. When a player hits his own tank, the tank will become neutral.
Players win by having all the tanks and players lose if they don't have any tanks and no bullets in the game.
There are a few game modes; each game mode has different type of bounces of the bullets.

My contribution

In the project I spend most of my time with the development of the UI, after the development of the UI I used my Unity skills to implement sound and do some small bug fixes. This project was the 1st time I used unity and this helped me to start and expand my unity experience.