MC Escher

3D Modeling


In the Escher model assignment we had to model an actual MC Escher model in Maya.
The illusion had to be achieved by modelling the model, and using a camera at a specific angle to capture the illusion.
I had to switch between the perspective camera and the regular camera to achieve the illusion.
The model had to be able to be "Build"; this means there can't be any floating parts in this model.
This is done by having the pillars going diagonal between the support beams, after that I made the pillars go bigger in width to achieve the illusion of them being straight.

The model is after an image from the famous M. C. Escher, the image is called Belvedere from the year 1958. That image is seen below.

The first page shows the original, the second shows the illusion and the third shows how this was achieved in way that it could still be "build".