Ice Breaker ++

UI Developer/Bug fixes


Ice Breaker ++ is a game we made as a group in a class called experimental game design.
In this class we wanted to do something inspiring using a ping pong table, the table uses sensors under the table and an Arduino to triangulate the position of the ping pong ball hitting the table.
The game is 6 player max, 2 players will play ping pong and maximum of 4 players control the penguins using controllers

The objective of the players who play pong is to kill all the penguins; this can be done by hitting them on the head with a ball.
The objective of the penguins is to collect bombs and deliver them to the castle in the middle.

My contribution

My contribution to this project is the UI works, I made the implementation of all the UI (including the models, the colors and the rotation depending on the position of the player) after that I did bug fixes.