Punishment Racegame

Gameplay Programming


The punishment race game is part of my specialization project. The idea is that I wanted to check if a race mechanic can be explained in a way that the players experience it in a different way.
For instance that when you explain it in a positive way (the game helps you for being bad) there might be a difference in interpretation then when you explain it in a negative way (the game punishes the ones who do well).

The player who is in the lead has a reduction in visuals as seen in the image below. The player that's in the last place gets a speed improvement for being last.
I plan to do testing to get the information i need for my specialization. After testing I want to take look in more punishment or assistance mechanics in games; Like the P block (invincible) in Mario or the runner vision (The red objects) in Mirror's Edge

I extended the race demo for this game to my needs, with this prototype I can do some testing with students.