Temple Landscape

Houdini Developer


In this Temple landscape I used Houdini to develop a procedural landscape with temples trees and a pedestal with a vase.
The temple is completely procedural, that means that the pillars are generated depending on the width and length of the temple. The stairs can be modified with a certain numbers of steps.

I used a grid that gets projected on top of the landscape to position the temples. When a temple gets placed on the landscape, the landscape is being flattened to accommodate the temple.
There is also a bridge in the landscape. The bridge is a rope bridge with board planks to walk on.
The roof of the temple is a simple grid that is turned and tilted to make a roof system. It just uses a simple box that is tilted and flattened .

The vase uses a curve that is revolved around. That vase then gets put on the top of the pedestal and colored.

Using the L-system I made a tree and colored that to make the landscape more interesting.